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With a style sophisticated beyond her years, 20-year-old Catie Turner has commanded attention since the premiere episode of American Idol 2018 when she played “21st Century Machine,” written about young people’s pressures in the age of social media, to 11 million viewers.

With a warm timbre reminiscent of Adele and Amy Winehouse, lyrics that channel the story-telling spirit of Joni Mitchell and out of the box charisma, Catie’s star-power was instantly recognized. On “Idol,” she stole the spotlight performing audacious covers and moving originals, and graced the center stage of the finale to duet with Katy Perry herself on “Part Of Me.” Post-show, Catie played 48 cities on the “American Idol Live! 2018” tour and recorded and released her first music in November 2018. Her televised performances and original videos have gained over 70 million views across all platforms while her outspoken, “reject-the-norm” persona has inspired legions of fans globally. Catie released her debut EP “The Sad Vegan” in June 2019, including the singles “Savior” and “Breathe,” to critical acclaim, and shortly after opened for Meghan Trainor in Atlantic City and headlined her first North American tour. In September, YouTube superstar Shane Dawson showcased her original song “Prom Queen” in his trailer for “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” gaining 10 million views in 3 days. In November, Catie released the immensely personal “Gets Better” and “I luv him,” quickly becoming fan favorites.